Celadon Glassworks strives to spread the knowledge and experience of hot glass to the public. We hope to share the opportunity of creating hot glass with as many people as possible and to grow a thriving glass community in southern Massachusetts.


Kim Savoie (kimsavoieglass.com) studied glass and photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After graduating in 2013 with her Bachelors in Fine Art, she worked at studios across eastern Massachusetts teaching and making production glass. This eventually brought her to work for The Corning Museum of Glass' Hot Glass Show, where she met Rebecca. In 2018 she came home from working and traveling with the museum and started an education department for America's oldest glass company. She has recently been building her own glass production line and in local studios. She's excited to be combining her skills from the past 11 years and bringing them to Celadon to share her passion for glass with as many people as she can.


Rebecca Potash PhD (K+ Glass) says she had no choice but to be a glassblowing chemist because her last name is (coincidentally) the common name for a chemical used to lower the melting point in glass. She fulfilled her glassy destiny in 2004 after being gifted a glassblowing class by her parents for Christmas. Rebecca continued to put all the free time and money into her glass passion while completing her bachelor’s in chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University and her masters and PhD at Cornell University with a focus on electrochemistry and materials chemistry. While at Cornell Rebecca began volunteering as a docent and science educator at the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass. She made the jump to becoming a full-time glassblower working for Corning’s Hot Glass Show where she demonstrated glassblowing in front of thousands of people and traveled to 6 continents. In 2020 she established K+ Glass, a nod to her chemistry background and last name. She has spent the past 2 years lecturing on the science and history of glass, teaching glassblowing, and casting and selling her glass work.